The Role of the Architect as We Prepare for the Next Phase

These days we are having many conversations and asking questions centered around ‘how do we move forward from this?’  That is only natural, of course, but what is also natural is the need for architects to problem solve.  The very nature of the study and practice of design is to provide an optimal solution that balances function, aesthetics, context, and budget.  Our current situation requires a quick, yet informed, response to a new set of problems, but fortunately the strategies to find the solutions are no different to those deployed by our profession on a regular basis.

collaborative board

At d+k, we view ourselves as collaborative partners with our clients and their customers.  We feel it is our job and our responsibility to use the creative tools at our disposal to provide forward-thinking, proactive solutions in the best of times, and also in challenging ones.  There are opportunities out there right now for both businesses and service providers to craft inventive responses to stressful situations, and we know there are ways to integrate the data around this pandemic situation to make sure we move forward in a responsible, yet still positive, manner.


In our office, we have been having big conversations about the civic role we – as a team- want to play in the near future, and to that end we have tasked our teams with preparing concrete plans that could be implemented by our clients, help revitalize our city, and provide options to consumers.  Ideas are flowing, conversations evolving, and solutions are emerging.

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If your design needs are changing right now, or if you are unsure as to how to proceed with your ongoing projects, we can help!  Using tools like virtual whiteboard sessions and online consultations, we can discuss your challenges and plan the next steps.  Our network of vendors and installers includes products and services ready to deliver and integrate into designs for your spaces, and we can provide guidance and education regarding what options might be appropriate.  Many businesses are not looking to renovate, but need a temporary strategy for reopening, and we can help with that as well.

Please feel free to reach out to us if your family or your business needs design-based solutions to the challenges you are facing.  Together we can move forward!