Can Art Installations Help Your Business Rise To the Top?

In a time when consumers put a premium on individuality and “social media worthy” experiences, it’s no wonder that a lot of businesses have embraced design as a tool to differentiate themselves and build up brand recognition. When done right, design can really bring the brand to life in the physical space, increasing its authenticity as well as its ability to emotionally connect with the customer.

In this context, art installations are emerging as a powerful element to up the expressive potential of branded spaces. We are not talking about artwork used as an after-thought to “dress the walls” but as an integral part of the whole design concept and the experience it wants to elicit.

It’s about creating custom pieces that communicate the spirit of the brand and do so in a unique and interesting way.

This is the kind of immersive design approach that the d+k team specialize in. It starts from getting a deep understanding of the client’s brand – its roots, its psychology, and the culture to which it contributes – and then using it to guide every design decision.

What Art Can Accomplish When Integrated Into the Design of Your Place of Business.


Designing art pieces with social media in mind helps the business increase curiosity and engagement, becoming a go-to destination. In this project, for example, we used a custom neon sign that not only speaks to the philosophy of the brand but also makes customers want to share it on social media, generating buzz and amplifying brand exposure.



Art installations can emphasize locality, knitting the brand into the character of its community. In this case, the use of a bike and bucket light fixtures spoke to the urban and “on the move” lifestyle of the brand’s customers.


For retail chains, custom art can help tie each location to unique aspects of the local culture while keeping the core brand elements consistent from place to place.


Murals and 3D art can heighten the ambiance of the space, immersing customers deep into the world of the brand and transporting them into a different time and place.

2020-04-28_0001Taking it even further, art can be used to invite the customer into unexpected moments of interaction that enrich the experience, as we did here with this wall-mounted scrabble board. Not only did it give patrons something to do; it was also perfectly in line with the overall atmosphere the client wanted for their old English-style pub.



The use of art is not limited to customer-facing places. It is also a powerful design tool for corporate offices to express the brand culture. For the Simple Mills offices, we used a fun, informal and interactive installation to remind employees to stay true to the company’s down-to-earth origins by recalling the way the business developed organically from its founder’s own thoughts and vision.


Doing It Right

Just like with everything else we do, the d+k team approaches every art installation looking at how it can support your business goals. We then take care of every detail – from concept and partnering with the right artist to overseeing every step of the process – ensuring it is consistent with the full design, the brand, and its customers.


How can art and design help your business rise to the top? Give us a call to discuss your project!