The Art and Science of Brewery Design

The architecture and design of a brewery is a layered undertaking.

It requires an in-depth, industry-specific knowledge of the mechanical and technical aspects of operating a brewing facility. It calls for aesthetic and functional considerations on how to bring the customer into the craft beer culture in novel ways. It demands creative thinking to help the brand cut through a very competitive field.

Brewery design is one of d+k’s areas of expertise and we are able to bring a unique vantage point to it. With one of our Owners as the co-owner of a popular Wisconsin-based brewery The Lone Girl Brewery Company, we have an insider’s view of the complexity of the craft beer business, the passion of its fans, and the role that breweries play in their community. Plus, having designed well over 100 restaurants, we also have quite a bit of knowledge of the dining part of the operations!

Most importantly, we understand what it takes to design the right space to make the business thrive and use this expertise to leave no stone unturned when designing your brewhouse – from concept to completion.


Brand Integration

Every corner of your brewery is an opportunity to deepen the connection between your brand and its customers.

d+k makes sure the core character of your beer brand is reflected in the design of the space, from the signage to the choice of materials. Details like merchandise displays and Instagram backdrops are curated to be integral to the customer experience, without disrupting it.13 Ale

Retail vs. Distribution Model

Running retail operations is very different from a distribution-only model so, depending on your business plan, the architecture of the brewery must account for that from the very beginning.

d+k always studies the best placement and design options to maximize the revenue generating power of your retail or distribution space.


Brewhouse Operational Flow

First and foremost, the brewery must meet the proper functional requirements to operate safely and efficiently on a daily basis.

d+k helps you plan the entire operational space, including:

  • Key elements like brew house, fermenters, boilers, grain storage, brite tanks, glycol chillers, W.I.C, canning/bottling area, and kegs/cans storage for distribution;
  • Design of the brewing facility as separate from the customer use areas, while making sure the on-site production equipment remains visible as an important part of the aesthetics and the experience of the space.


Food Service Area

The design of the food service experience will have a big impact on your profit margins and the feel of your brewery. Will you be offering a full-service, brewpub type of environment or a quick-bite taproom setting? Each comes with its own set of requirements.

d+k uses your business goals and customers’ profiles to guide the design decisions so you can make the most of your dining area. Through our meticulous attention to detail, we can even help you carve out multiple dining spaces – each with its own feel and purpose – yet all consistent with your brand.


The Brewery As Event Venue

As social hotspots rooted in the community, local breweries have become very in-demand as event venues. Designing your establishment with this objective in mind can significantly increase your revenue opportunities.

d+k helps you:

  • Plan the space to be both operationally successful and flexible enough to accommodate events of different sizes;
  • Incorporate echos of the local culture into the design to give the space a very distinct character (a major selling point).


What kind of vision do you have for your brewery? Let’s talk about how to bring it to life!