For Boutique Fitness Studios, Design Is Critical To Success

Boutique fitness studios are in hot demand. These specialized workout spaces are still a relatively new trend but one that has quickly taken the wellness industry by storm. New companies are entering the market while already established ones are multiplying their presence.


For these new generation fitness companies, the design of their locations is critical to fulfilling user expectations.

Unlike the rather anonymous and one-size-fits-all gyms of the past, boutique studios must offer a unique environment reflective of a specific brand (and lifestyle) philosophy. After all, that’s what their customers are seeking and willing to pay a premium for: a different kind of experience, accompanied by the feeling of belonging to a very cool and well-defined community of like-minded individuals.

To facilitate the desired connection with the customer, the design must integrate the brand fully into the space and execute it in every detail.

Using Design To Create Brand Super-fans

At d+k, we call this “brand elevation.” We work with both existing and developing fitness brands – from rowing and climbing gyms to revolutionary yoga studios – and use design to magnify their differentiation points and expand the experience they deliver, all while staying true to their identity.

Our approach is rooted not just in design but in our expertise in brand development and execution, from A to Z. That’s why we believe in the importance of really understanding the four core aspects of every project:

  • The soul of the brand
  • The psychology of its customers
  • The specifics of the lifestyle it fits into
  • How the user should feel in the space


We also believe that the brand’s business goals and what it wants to communicate should be the North Star that guides every single design decision.

Developing an in-depth knowledge of how our clients want to position their business in the boutique fitness movement enables us to knit ourselves into their brand and bring it to life in the space, in all its nuances. No detail is overlooked, as every aspect of the design must work in unison with all the other elements of the brand identity in order to maximize differentiation.

We plan the flow, look, and feel of our clients’ studios – from the moment the user walks in to the moment they walk out – to help them turn their customers into super-fans.

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