Elevating Brands Through Experiential and Immersive Design

Imagine a space where every detail and every interaction is carefully curated to evoke specific emotions. Your customers are fully present and engaged in the moment. They are transported to what feels like a different time and place. They are genuinely connecting with each other. They are writing a piece of their story. Everything else is forgotten. The feeling and the memories will stay with them long after they’ve stepped out of the space…and they’ll have your brand to thank for it.

*The Backdoor Saloon – the client was looking for a velvety, sexy, historically accurate western saloon feel. No detail was overlooked in creating a design that transports partons to a completely different time and place. (experiential design)

In an age where experiences matter – and are craved – more than things, where attention is fleeting and distractions are the norm, the businesses that can deliver these kinds of engrossing and all-authentic moments rise to the top.

That’s why experiential design has become so important. It’s about honoring the uniqueness of your brand, the desires of your customers, and the values that bring the two together.

To really do it right, though, you have to go all in, thinking even beyond the creation of unique and custom environments.

That’s what d+k does for brands with its immersive design services.

d+k’s Experiential and Immersive Design Process

In d+k’s immersive design approach, the focus is not solely on the structure and finishes of the space but also on how each user or customer will interact with your brand in its environment. Every detail is carefully thought-out to tell a particular story and amplify the experience, so the customer stays fully engaged with no moments of disconnect. Nothing is left to chance.

When you do that, the space becomes a destination that is not just physical but also lives in the mind and heart of the customer.

Here’s how d+k helps you bring that to life.


The d+k team spends time with you to truly understand the brand, its backstory and what it stands for, your business goals, and your ideal customers/patrons. There is a certain language associated with every client or business, and by learning how you speak about your brand, we are able to translate that vocabulary into a framework for the immersive design plan.

Darling1 Darling2

*The Darling – Every client or business has a language around their project, and by learning how the client speaks about themselves, we translate that vocabulary into a framework for building the design concept. 


We discuss the different levels of engagement that your customers should experience to allow the interaction with the brand to get deeper, more meaningful, and more memorable as they move through the space.



The d+k team creates a comprehensive design concept with curated elements to exemplify the brand and elevate the customer’s experience of it, while fulfilling the business goals.

Elements can include: branded graphics, signage, art installations, the customer’s journey within the environment, how service will flow, food or merchandise presentation, music, employees’ presentation and clothing, and more.

The elements included are unique to your project and whatever is needed to deliver the vision and the feelings you want the space to evoke.


*Another example of immersive design, in which our process works with the client to identify their ideal customer, the experience they will have, and the feelings they want the space to evoke. 


*After the goals for the immersive design process are outlined, elements above and beyond the physical space are outlined and curated to elevate the entire experience. For this client, food service items, server clothing, merchandise, and presentation were all part of the package d+k brought to the project. 


The d+k team helps you execute the entire concept, taking care of all the details.

By unifying the brand activities with the architectural and interior design, d+k delivers a cohesive concept that creates a memorable and well-executed space and a completely realized business installation.

The Darling, Chicago Illinois*The Darling – Intimate, Instagram-worthy, theatrical speakeasy. 

What memorable experience is your brand waiting to create for its customers?

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